The visualisation of your data really does matter

Liberating data through visualisation delivers answers more quickly and easily and also enables people to uncover exciting new insights - this can be critical to making better informed, effective commercial decisions for any organisation.

Easy, seamless access to the right intelligence can help identify how to increase productivity and in turn provide remarkable cost savings.

see more clearly

Data visualisation simplifies complex data and enables users to better understand information

explore freely

Information is made available on a self service basis encouraging people to interact and explore questions and answers

empower decisions

Knowing and understanding your data better enables you to make better informed decisions




Road Accident Statistics

Open source spreadsheet data brought to life to help people better understand trends


Capture Member Stats.PNG

Membership Statistics

Geographic and demographic information on members in a sports organisation


House Price Data

Data is presented using various map styles including a heatmap, cluster map and a choropleth regional display output


Capture KPI.PNG

Key Performance Indicators

KPI's made clear and simple for a range of audiences from board members to members of the public


Flying log.PNG

Pilot Flight Log

Excel spreadsheet log book data has been converted into a more accessible and visual format, includes route maps



Marie is a true professional in her field. She approaches her work with great enthusiasm and knowledge with a unique flair for visuals.


Marie has always been a pleasure to work with.



As a membership organisation it is important to provide members with transparency when reporting results. Working with Marie from VDM has brought our data to life and explains our position at-a-glance with precision and clarity.


She has taken a sterile collection of spreadsheets and illustrated the data in an engaging, interactive format which delivers a clear summary of our corporate performance, even to the untrained eye.

Marie took time to understand our requirements and has delivered a first-class service along the way and has made helpful suggestions utilising her in-depth knowledge of Power BI.


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Marie Woltman

Marie is a Power BI enthusiast; she has a passion for using dashboarding technology
to help people gain a greater understanding of their data, enabling them to uncover valuable insights. 
With many years experience as a local government data analyst she is well known in Road Safety circles for pioneering the use of data dashboards for road accident data.


Marie has a unique blend of skills not often found together within the industry both as a data analyst and also dashboard graphic designer. This enables her to identify meaningful insights within datasets and then present that data effectively through the art of dashboarding so that facts, figures and trends are more engaging and easier to understand.

Outside of work Marie enjoys getting the most out of her private pilot’s licence which she's held for a number of years. She's an active member of the Robins Flying Club based at Exeter Airport in Devon.



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